ICMediaDirect Handles Negative Reviews For Top Firms Nationwide

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  • June 27, 2017
  • ICMediaDirect Handles Negative Reviews For Top Firms Nationwide
    ICMediaDirect Handles Negative Reviews For Top Firms Nationwid

    ICMediaDirect has built an outstanding track record in professional reputation control, having enhanced the public image of Fortune 500 companies, stars, politicians, and athletes. The agency uses a proven platform for retreating the unwanted impact of criticism. First, examine whether a review is legitimate. Much information spread online is placed by competing brands. The top course of action for this scenario is to request that the review is taken down citing its unlikely authenticity. Next, find out if a review is based on opinion. In this case, a company has a robust opportunity to share factual, positive information about themselves, while diminishing the effect of the negative review. When a customer posts factual, yet negative feedback, the time is right to respond fully and genuinely. The agency encourages a dynamic approach, combining a truthful apology with a proactive action to solve the client’s problem.

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